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  • Wondering if you should stay in our get out of your current relationship?
  • Does it feel like you contribute more to the relationship than your partner?
  • Grieving a break-up and not sure how you are supposed to move on?
  • Socially shy or find dating to be painful?
  • Unsure if your partner is “the one”?

These are just a few of the more common questions that are brought to therapy. Usually, by the time one person or the couple seeks out a therapist, the relationship is in critical condition.

Friends and family can be helpful in giving advice and telling you what they think you should do with your relationship problems. However, you still haven’t gained the clear perspective and non-judgmental feedback needed to make the best decisions for you.

Boulder Counseling Center can assist you in clarifying your needs and making the best choices about your complex relationship issues, whether it is through Individual Therapy or Couples Therapy.

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